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This AI Research Team Added Flawless Text To Images ?!

I used 2 prompts in Midjourney to make this Influencer site...

GM 🌞

This morning I was studying Twitter growth and really wanted to get the AIUI Twitter profile in front of the right crowd. Then it hit me… What IS the right crowd? Is it Designers? Founders? or just the AI curious? Picking your audience is taught as one of the first things to do when mapping out your product and to be honest, I’m struggling. I believe that AI provides such an ease of use for creative expression and high-quality images that anyone can really benefit from it.

For now, I think I will stay on the fence and try to share the magic of AI with ANYONE who could use it to help make their lives just a littttttle bit easier and observe what kind of people flow in. As for my marketing techniques, I will be using… yup, an AI website. TweetHunter will give me inspiration, help with engagement and scheduling, and their AI will even write tweets for me when I'm lacing motivation. They really couldn’t have made it any easier.

AI + Web Design = ❓

If you’ve played around with UI designs in Midjourney, you know that the way text looks always seems to be an issue. The letters turn out as a scrambled mess and it can be hard to envision your site with this roadblock.

Well, I don’t think this will be a problem for long thanks to companies like DeepFloydAI.

https://twitter.com/deepfloydai - An AI research band that is working with StabilityAI to sort out the dreaded text on image issue. So far, they have some amazing results posted.. actually the best text within an AI generated image I’ve seen yet.

Check out their Twitter to see for yourself.

AIUI Updates ⚡️

As you know from yesterdays email, the future of AIUI is up in the air.

Here are the 3 options that are on the table:

  1. (based on whether or not the model can be trained at this given time) A website where you can browse AI UI designs and even generate custom UI images of your own.

  2. A site where you users can upload their Midjourney generated UI designs and others can upvote. Things would be sorted by categories, allowing for a quick hit of inspo.

  3. A site where you can generate UI/UX Design Assets, not full sites just yet.

Let me know which option you could use most right now by replying to this email with a quick number 1, 2, or 3!

UI Designs 💎

Today’s Midjourney site was created for an Influencer Portfolio.

I really fell in love with the layouts that were generated. The colors, spacing, and overall unique elements was pretty mind-blowing seeing as this was only my second variation with this prompt. When I see such wild designs, sometimes I wonder what the developers are thinking when they get sent their way lol!

AI UI Designs Website Design Influencer website
AI UI Designs Website Design Influencer website

That brings a wrap to Tuesdays newsletter.

See you tomorrow!

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